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Strippers of the Ozarks wants to set you up for success when hiring a stripper, hiring a dancer or booking entertainment for a bachelor party. If you don't see your question please contact us, we are happy to help!

How far in advance should we book Strippers of the Ozarks for a bachelor party entertainment?

We can sometimes accommodate last minute bookings. However, we recommend to book at least 3 weeks before the event date to ensure availability.

Should we be worried; we have reservations and are on a strict schedule?

Absolutely not! When booking entertainment, please inform us of your schedule. We will make sure there is plenty of time to provide bachelor party entertainment and keep the group on schedule.

We have had bad experiences where bachelor party dancers showed up extremely late. Can we count on Strippers of the Ozarks to be on time?

We do our best to stay on schedule and reserve enough time for every event. Sometimes events can run late. In this case, we inform the host as early as possible. We will provide an estimated time of arrival when on the way to your party.

How long is a typical bachelor party entertainment show?

There are many variables that determine the length of the show. Length depends on the package you select and the size of the group. Tipping is an important factor as well. When booking, we communicate the estimated time frame for your entertainment, to ensure your group has the right expectations and budget.

Do the entertainers accept digital payments?

Yes, you can pay with Zelle, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Cash app. If you are planning on using a payment app, please be sure to have it downloaded already with your card connected. This helps to stay on schedule. Even though she takes digital payments, cash is always appreciated and often the easiest form of payment.

We don’t have singles, do the girls have change?

Yes, entertainers will bring change for singles. They also do not mind if you tip with large bills :) No worries, they will have you guys covered. We recommend each guest have a budget of $150 to $200.

What are the rules during the party?

The rules are simple, and the girls will go over them with the group before they get started.


Strippers of the Ozarks have a zero-tolerance-policy for photos and videos.  

Having a stripper is a surprise for the bachelor. Is that okay?

What a great surprise for the guest of honor!  We recommend everyone else be informed and prepared.  This is an easy way to make the surprise even better, and the party much more fun for the bachelor.

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